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I need STORAGE....can you help me pretty please....hubby?

Our game room upstairs is my new found office space/workroom/get-away from hubby space. 😘

However it was getting stacked full of all my new supplies and was overflowing into my boys' bedrooms. (Even though they don't live here anymore)

So hey, I watch a lot of DIY, heck I could probably build a cabin in Maine, a beach house in Galveston....if I wanted to. SOOO I drew up a sketch of what I wanted and handed it to my hubby and he said "Yeah I can probably do that, I built a shoe rack in my closet." 🤪

Being the engineer he is, he measured about 55 million times to make sure everything would fit. I decided to wallpaper the back panel and the shelves to spruce it up a little because it needed a little camouflaging since WE ARE NOT WOODSMEN.... or MASTER CRAFTSMEN! It needed a lot of camo flower help!

I was pretty happy with it but then started second guessing my engineer when I said, "How are we going to get this up the stairs?"

Not only was it heavy, it was exactly the size of our stairwell...which the engineer went promptly to measure! But not 55 million times....

Anyway, he said he thought it would work out, I was going to have to go first and hold it up and push it over.....and I thought why did I watch so much DIY????

Hallelujah! We did it! But I will not tell a lie, it was HARD and HEAVY and I had a few bruises, and we may have banged up the wall just a little. Because he made me go first....

But it fit perfectly in the space and I did a little dance that now I have storage no matter how primitive it may look. 😛


Here is my new storage shelf unit in all its glory!

Getting stacked and full of all my stuff and now I need can never have enough storage....that's what my mother always said.

But I think my hubby might say no....😝

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