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Nail Heads ......are NOT.....Fun!

Remember I told you those chairs were taunting me, daring me? I surrendered because nail heads are NO FUN!

I will persevere, I will.

Finally got the best of them! Or they got the best of me!

Painted the first chair white and went with a cute multi colored brushstroke and multi colored floral by the Artwerks at Spoonflower.

This floral is one of my favorites, its so versatile and happy if you like color! Who doesn't like color? Stand up right now! Or go sit down!

Here I'm at the point where everything is stapled and ready to be trimmed and welt cord added.

I love that I get to see progress unfolding fast!

Here are the sister chairs. I left one in the natural wood finish, just cleaned it up and top coated it and the other I painted a turquoise blue. I attached the rick rack back and then the further I got along I did not like the fabric combo I thought I wanted to use, So I ended up taking it off and doing something different that was brighter and with more color! Because I'm a color girl!

Here are the triplets all together, ready for their photo shoot!

I love them all, just like true triplets,

Each a unique personality in their own right!

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