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Bluebonnets and Round Top Time in Texas

Bluebonnets in Texas are a sight to see! Some places are better for pictures but loved seeing the sprinkling of them all along the road to Round Top. My friend Kelly, who has the beautiful yard, also is an antique

aficionado so I said, "Let's go to Round Top this year." Since they didn't have it last year

everyone had their booths full and wares out to sell.

I haven't been here in many years and thought "OH my gosh", I should be able to find lots of chairs!

There were road side venues galore and for miles and miles here and there. It was really overwhelming!

No matter WHAT you are looking for, you could find it. It may take you a while because there is just SO MUCH STUFF! But I'll bet you will eventually go home with something!

I know you need a humongous metal Longhorn or some cute little metal pigs for your yard!

Round Top has EVERYTHING

Now whether it is all Fabulous is debatable!

Blue Hills was where I bought my one and only purchase! And no it was not a chair!

All the chairs here were WAY WAY too expensive for my projects.

If we'd had time to hit some of the road side venues I may have had better luck, but we only went for the day and there is absolutely NO WAY to see it all in 1 or 2 or maybe even 3 days. You have to be a major shopper to do that. And I am not that.

My friend Gwen was there and she found some really cute bracelets!😜

At least she wasn't looking at any chairs I wanted!

Go ahead Gwen and buy bracelets!

We took the boys....they were not "in" to shopping but if they had seen Gwen they may have perked up a bit!

OH GWEN where are you?

After we went to Blue Hills, Marburger Farms, Royers Cafe and the Big Red Barn I was pooped and ready to go home. So I told the boys we can go home now since they were so bored. 😝

I was super happy with my one and only purchase, this really cool and really huge cow hide.

It was a fun day though, even if Alan kept "mooing" at me.

Get ready for a cow hide chair or chairs.....

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