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Poppy Power: My most Popular Chair so far!

It's funny how things evolve and this chair started out completely different. After I decided I wasn't going to go with my original plan I changed course! Sometimes that's what we have to do! So now I have a huge reason for buying lots of different fabrics.....Just in case this ever happens again!

I already had the frame painted black so I started digging through all my fabrics to find something that I could use instead.

I found the red poppy fabric first and then had a black and white stripe, buffalo check and this checkerboard to play around with.

After getting everything in place and ready for cording I didn't want to do a solid black that would disappear into the frame and using the checkerboard made the cording look off in places. So I headed to Jo Anns and found this little stripe.

I know some people don't like doing the cording and have trouble with double welting but I kind of enjoy doing it.

Other options could have been a solid red, or solid black double welt or red and black welt, or even a gimp.

But I was super happy with how the stripe looked when I cut it on the bias. So I went with it!

I really like how it makes the chair pop and adds just the right amount of detail to show the chair frame curves!

I guess that's what got everybody else's attention too!

Boy there were a lot of "Likes" and Comments about this.

Maybe I'll make more black and white and red chairs! And I wasn't even thinking about Texas Tech! 🙃


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Diana Riley
Diana Riley
Apr 26, 2021

I really love this chair. I like the way you describe your process of thinking! 😀


Nancy Sargent
Nancy Sargent
Apr 20, 2021

Susan, this chair is so cute! Such a fun mix of fabrics! You nailed!

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