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She's finally making her way home!

The transformation from this ugly duckling to swan is apparent in this sweet little chair. My client wanted a navy seat cover that would go better in her new home. The original inspiration was my Purple Passion chair.

After stripping it down, painting and painting and painting it was ready to put on some color! I love the little carved details on this chair, it really made it special. Also I added some "Moonstone" highlights to bring out the details of the wood and carving details.

It really helped it to pop.

Lots of new padding and foam before the good stuff happens!

Here I'm trying different positions of the floral and taping it to the frame to get the best look and the most navy color I can, to make it look awesome with the navy velvet seat.

This is my favorite part of the whole re-imagining a new chair process.

All finished....the new carnival navy lady!

Then of course new photos. My new venture into outdoor photography....chair photography that is.

I also had to try out a new app Prisma to see what would happen!

I kind of like it....not about you? Yay or NAY???

Here's a more dramatic filter....just for the

sake of experimentation!

I can see why people like filters so much these days...they are so much fun.

All wrapped up and tied with a bow!

Ready to see her new home!

Hopefully I will get some pictures of her in her new space! And that they love her as much as I do!

That's what will make me the most happy!

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