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Family..... Football..... and..... Fabrics

Fall is football time and a chance to get to see my brother and sister-in-law and their grandkids playing sports! Since I don't have any grandkids....heck I don't even have any daughters-in-laws. I happily get my Friday Night Lights fix through them.

So off to the Dallas area to see family, watch some football, and of course go to a great fabric store Childress Fabrics in Addison!

Boy it is did not dissapoint!

Football comes first though in Texas!

It was a fun filled 3 days of football and more football!

They had some serious blow ups for the players to run through! We didn't have that when I was in school.....and their scoreboard was big time professional looking!

Here's my cute little great-niece doing her cheerleader thing! She has 4 brothers so she has a lot to cheer for!

Kick Off! The Coyotes are READY to WIN!

So in between football games my sister-in-law who knows all the best spots, took me to Childress Fabrics in Addison.

Oh my!!! It was a fabric wonderland!

I'm not sure how many hours we spent there but it sure was fun!

Check out some of the cool fabrics I found!

It looks like I didn't get any florals, but trust me I didn't show you pics of everything!

If I did there wouldn't be any surprises to share with you.

Got to save a little for new reveals ahead!

So stay tuned! 💖

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