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Getting a Little Help...from my Hubby

So one day I said, can you drive me in your truck to get some chairs? So we are off on a little adventure to Missouri City. It's fun to go where we had never been....Houston is a BIG city.

So we loaded up the truck....I snapped a selfie..... and we headed home with my new stash of chairs.

Here is my quadruplets....all smiling and challenging me to take out A LOT of NAIL HEADS.

I told my hubby, I'm not sure about all those nail heads but anyway... I gave him a kiss and thanked him for his service.

So earlier on while setting up my new work space I said, can you help me get this compressor going? Being the engineer that he is.....I know he was thrilled to show and tell me every little detail about it ....yeah yeah just get it running for me and tell me how to turn it on and you can go watch Netflix. So he did. 😛

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