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NO I'm not joking!

When I started telling my friends about my new found passion, they were all very supportive and cheered me on. My friend Pam was the first to say, I want you to make

me one. I said "Are you joking?" and she said, "NO I'm not joking!"

So we went fabric shopping and found these 3 gray coordinating patterns that will look perfect on a chair in her entry way!

She really took a chance on me since it was only the 3rd chair I had done.

But I love how it turned out and learned lots about matching plaids for sure!

Here is a close-up shot of all those gray patterns. The back is a gray Firenze medallion pattern and then the large plaid reminds me of a man's suit for some reason. Lastly, the little one inch taupe, tan and gray check we used on the back and the arms. It's truly Pam's one of a kind! Because she's one of a kind!

Here's the back shot of that clean little check pattern that really pops!

The collaboration with my friend was so much fun and offered me the chance to hone my skills!


"NO she wasn't joking!"

Here is her beautiful chair at home. Her hubby Pat gave it to her on Christmas Day!

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