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Now What???

Ok I zoomed through my online course....not really the new ZOOM, ZOOM but devoured everything my new found friend Wendy told me about refurbishing chairs. FIRST I had to find a chair.....Now What? Where do I find a chair to start with? Facebook Marketplace became a new obsession and found out the plethora of items that actually sell on Marketplace. It's amazing! Anyway, I found this little diddy, got my hubby to go with me since I was a little unsure and lo and behold I bought a chair and was on my chair craziness.

Here I go tearing apart my first chair and it was strangely fun!

I kept going and going and going....

and going!

It was a mess. Heck, I was a mess!

Painted my frame a fantastic turquoise, started building the seat with my fluffy cotton. I love that fluffy cotton.

Got the seat completed with a lovely mound of foam and white dacron....and moving right along got it all wrapped up nice and neat!

With the back and seat padded and wrapped in dacron I'm ready to get to the good part!



OHHHHHH NOOOOOOO. what the heck?

I didn't account for the fact that I needed to measure extra width for the all the batting, foam and dacron, but alas I learned my lesson. What is that saying? Live and learn!

So for the good stuff and this good stuff is by Carrie Schmitt! I love her bold bright designs, I ordered another drapery panel online and then got busy.

First I got the back on and straight....stripes were not a good choice for my first chair!

But I found this cute stripe from Spoonflower to coordinate with the large posie floral, and it even had a little bit of tie dye in the stripe there. You will see I do have an obsession with tie dye....

Ta daaaaaa. Well I can only say I learned A LOT on this little diddy. I will do better on the next one for sure. I also joined a painting bootcamp site to teach me the proper prep, and painting techniques. Boy there are a lot of opinions out there on painting....but alas I will weed through them and make good decisions from now on!

I promise!

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