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OH my GOSH, what do I do now?

It was so exciting to get that first Etsy sale! It's really cool how Etsy sends a notification that someone has bought something from your site with a little cash register ring.

I love that sound now! Cha Ching!

So now I had to get busy and make a new chair. I had this really cute arm chair that had lots of curvy details and I loved it and now it will be going to PA!

I got it all painted and painted and painted, it took several coats!

All the little curvy details are so pretty but are tricky to paint and get smooth.

But I kept sanding, smoothing, and repainting until I was completely happy with it.

Now on to the good part! The fabric placement. I had this same chair and floral fabric on my Purple Passion chair but my customer wanted navy instead of purple so I wanted to specifically highlight the blue in the floral. I used blue painters tape to hold the fabric and play around with placement and each time I would snap a picture. When I was played out, I was able to compare the pictures on my phone for the placement that looked the best.

Here is when I was playing around with the back panel, checking that enough blue was popping out to go with my navy velvet.

The last step I put a cute cotton scroll fabric for the dust cover and then put my little sticker logo on the bottom. I love the little stickers even if I had to order a ton of them.....😬

I will just have to do a ton of chairs I guess!

Here's a little shot of the back and arms all ready to go to Pennsylvania and its new home.

Next comes shipping when my customer's new home is ready and she is ready for shipment. I hope she loves it!

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