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Shipping is a Whole New Bird!

Did I say shipping is a whole new animal? Boy did I get an education. When I sold this cute little side chair I needed to get it ready to go to Yakima, WA. I re-read everything Wendy had given me on shipping, I watched a ton of YouTube videos, I read and researched because I wanted it to arrive all in one piece. And with past experience that can be a tricky feat!

So I started buying boxes....bubble wrap....tape...peanuts.

Hubby and I disagreed on this larger box size but I didn't want to pay extra just for a few inches that he didn't want to cut down. A few inches can mean a lot!

I'm talking $$$.

So I told him to go watch Netflix and I would figure it out! So he did.

This box was too I finally ordered some double walled boxes that Goldilocks said would be "Just Right"!

SOOOOOO I bought a lot of supplies that will last me til 2025 I'm sure. Had to buy a scale that I could get a chair box on and still see the numbers! Amazon is my friend again.

Bought Bubble Wrap out the Wazoooooo!

Peanuts, Peanuts, Peanuts...who wants some nuts? I must be nuts!

I told my hubby there's no way I will use all those peanuts we shouldn't have bought all those, but nuts are deceiving let me tell you.

So I got busy wrapping and taping the legs.

Wrapped some more!

Wrapped some more bubble on the top!

Then I placed the wrapped chair into a clear bag and tied it with a bow! (Everybody likes a cute bow when they open a huge box! Right?)

I placed it in the box and filled 'er up with peanuts for lots of cushion from those mean ole delivery guys!

They will not throw my chair, they will not throw my chair.......but if they do it won't be damaged!

So I did cut down the top to fit better and I taped it and taped it. Put my cute little sticker on it, slapped a label on it and loaded up my 26lb chair in the hubby's truck to ship it off!

So I can guarantee that any chair of mine will be pack, wrapped and stuffed with care.

No...that sounds like a turkey.

But you will get your chair delivered in super shape!

After it was over I told my hubby... that was almost too easy....🤣 but it wasn't.

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