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What???? You mean I'm retired?

Oh my gosh really? The last 12 years as a Foods and Culinary Arts teacher have been so rewarding and was why I never considered myself really retiring, I do miss my teacher friends and the many students that found their way into my kitchen classroom. All the recipes, trips to the grocery store, and smiles when they actually realized they got to eat what they cooked, I will always treasure...well maybe not the grocery store trips. 🛒

But really, what will I do with myself all day? My husband retired 3 years before and seems to be ok.....Netflix addict that he is, so who wouldn't be ok? Right?

NO...... I can only watch so much TV!

Anyway I went through a phase that I was going to really give a go at gardening and getting my yard in shape. My friend Kelly has a beautiful yard so she can be my new inspiration. So I found lots of great ideas on Pinterest....but I'm really not a flowerbed/gardening kind of girl even though I love a beautiful yard and flowers. So now I have a folder full of awesome landscape ideas!

So I moved onto my next new phase of organizing my house and life. I'm going to purge and re-organize! Marie Kondo became my new friend. I had never heard of Marie but WOW does she have some great ideas.

So after I found "Joy" in folding my tea towels a new way....and was VERY happy with all my new drawer space I was done!

That's all the joy I could handle with Marie!

Then by divine intervention I ran across a Facebook post about reupholstering old chairs! WHAT IS THIS? I loved everything about it, the ripping apart, the painting, finding the most beautiful fabrics. SO I signed up for my first course and found myself diving right in and EXCITED to find myself some chairs and buy fabric (which wasn't too hard anyway) and learn how to transform chairs into beautiful pieces. And so it began, the spark that started me on my own chair journey of CheekySeatsbySusan.

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